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Afbeelding bij Rob Mallens

Rob Mallens


Rob Mallen’s consultancy firm Mallens Advies has 10 years’ experience in knowledge development, knowledge retention and awareness-raising processes within organisations.

Carl Peeters


Carl Peeters’s coaching business CPC has advised and trained more than 100 companies for more than 30 years on how to boost efficiency in production environments and logistics processes. CPC is our agent for the Belgian market.

Albert Scheffer


Albert Scheffer has gained a great deal of experience with iSee iKnow since 2011 and has been helping manufacturers in several countries to improve performance and to train their people for years.

Afbeelding bij Wouter van der Zee

Wouter van der Zee


Wouter has nearly 35 years of management experience in industry and has been working with case-based adaptive learning as a final step in quality management since 1995. Having been involved in iSee iKnow from the outset, he has seen the software deployed more than 100 times.