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E-learning software... tailored to your people 

Our e-learning packages are personalised and tailored to your situation. Once we test what an employee knows, we can see where their knowledge gaps lie, so we know where to focus their learning. That means every employee pursues their own dedicated learning path, with knowledge that’s relevant to them and that they can apply straight away. Meanwhile, managers have a dashboard that provides a view of each individual journey.

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Examples of applications

How iSee iKnow is used varies from company to company. Examples of applications include:

  • Preventing accidents in the workplace: The software helps the employer prove that employees are adequately trained in occupational health and safety, which ensures a safe working environment
  • Demonstrating knowledge for ISO, TS and BRC certifications
  • Gaining financial knowledge to comply with the legislation in force for insurance agents to operate
  • Defining procedures that ensure a certain process knowledge, using existing documentation as much as possible
  • Training call centre agents, installation teams and production personnel by boosting their self-learning capabilities, so they take the initiative to report and resolve issues

iSee iKnow has been ISO 9001-certified since 2015.

Wide range of applications

iSee iKnow has a wide range of applications – with customers in offshore, food, converting, chemistry, utilities, construction, logistics and services. But we work especially with companies in industry and manufacturing, as we can often achieve rapid results in factories. The software quickly delivers insights into where process improvements can be made, such as in machine fleet maintenance. People tend to do what they’re used to on the shop floor, and work is often explained to new employees only once. This ingrained routine is difficult to break out of. iSee iKnow shows how processes can be set up more efficiently by harnessing the know-how that’s already there, while revealing where knowledge needs to be fine-tuned.

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