iSee iKnow E-learning Software

iSee iKnow documents the knowledge and experience of your staff and stores it for the target audience.
We do this by using an informal type of education which also implements a 'best efforts' obligation.

E-learning software... tailored to your people

Our e-learning software can be tailored to your organisation and set up on site in just half a day. So, every individual employee can pursue their own dynamic learning pathway, while managers have a dedicated dashboard, providing visibility over progress at a glance.

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Afbeelding bij E-learning software... tailored to your people

Boost your organisation’s self-learning power

Ample studies have shown less than 10% of an average employee’s knowledge is gained through formal study. Everything else is learned on the job. Most knowledge is under your very own roof – you just need to know how to tap into it.

The background

Your organisation’s talent is the ace up your sleeve. But when your people lack expert know-how, that costs you time and money, plus it means lower productivity all around. Shift work and flexible hours might suit your staff, but they do bring a significant risk to your organisation and can end up increasing costs when mistakes are made. What if your organisation could easily create learning material tailored to your staff? What if new employees could learn more frequently on the job, rather than just have a short introduction and be left to it? Your organisation is in for a quantum leap.

The problem

Many companies see learning as a necessary evil – some think they’re too cool for school! But the way employees learn in the workplace is different from how they learned at school: they mainly learn from mistakes they’ve made. But the same mistakes can happen again and again. Experts may rush things, auditors could re-record old findings and even improvement projects might not have the long-lasting impact that was expected. Managers may well spot some of these mistakes, but they lack the tools and means to train the people they’re responsible for. Often, we fail to recognise that these problems are down to a knowledge or learning gap.

The solution

iSee iKnow is a learning method originally created as a final step in quality management and fits seamlessly within familiar improvement processes, such as LEAN and Continuous Improvement. iSee iKnow quickly identifies knowledge gaps and converts them into learning materials, delivered in the shortest possible time. The system takes just half a day to set up. Then, every knowledge worker is good to go and start making their contribution to it. The knowledge captured can be applied in practice right away, reducing the costs associated with mistakes.

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Why not see for yourself how it works? Request a demo from one of our agents now, and we can get things up and running within just a few hours. We can run the package locally, or even remotely where it will be maintained by external experts.

Afbeelding bij Our track record

Our track record

iSee iKnow has a long track record of case-based adaptive learning. Since the 1990s, owner & director Wouter van der Zee has been developing learning tools as part of a quality management system. Practice has always been the starting point. iSee iKnow’s process-based approach is the link between the shop floor and management. The software helps employees with different levels of knowledge gain expertise and experience, while providing managers with a transparent insight into how knowledge is being developed within the organisation. And iSee iKnow’s agents will be on site to ensure the rollout goes as planned.